Top Town Award – Application Form

Top Town Award 2016Applications for the Top Town Award 2016 must be received by 30th July 2016.

There are three ways of sending in your town’s application:

See the Top Town Award page for more information.

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Apply online

To send in your application online, please complete the form below.

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1. How important are the first impressions to your town in promoting yourselves as courteous?

2. How are visitors met and greeted?

3. How do retailers and tourist attractions welcome visitors to the town?

4. What value does your local council and its civic leaders place on courtesy?

5. Who are the key individuals in your town promoting courtesy and how do they go about doing that?

6. Please provide examples of how community groups show courtesy?

7. How does your town’s public realm contribute towards you being courteous?

8. How do you deal with criticism and complaint giving an example?

9. Has your town achieved any other awards that are relevant to being a courteous town?

10. How do you recognise local heroes who have done good community work and have shown courtesy?

11. How is your town perceived on internet based review sites like Tripadvisor?

12. Please provide examples of letters of compliment or Visitor Book extracts from at least 3 separate organisations with in your town which puts your town in a courteous light.
Files are limited to 3MB in size. Alternatively you can email files to or post them.