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It’s easy to join us or donate online

After the launch of the new Campaign for Courtesy web site at the beginning of 2013, we have now introduced online membership forms and donation buttons.

As a registered charity, the campaign relies on the time and effort of volunteers and the subscriptions of members and donations from the public. Like many voluntary organisations, we depend on these to exist.

If you haven’t joined us yet, we welcome you join the campaign. You can join as an individual or group or as a business or organisation.

You are also welcome to make a donation, using any of the donate buttons on the web site.

We are grateful for all the support you can give.

Our Backing for the Team London Volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Following Sportsmanship Spokesperson Paul Smith setting up meetings with the Greater London Authority at City Hall, a letter of courtesy guidance was distributed to all the Team London Volunteers (and in some cases Paul’s excellent sportsmanship videos and book).

All of you will be aware of the high praise heaped upon the Volunteers over their wonderful work in greeting all visitors and tourists attending these spectacularly successful sporting events. As a result of our negotiations with the GLA and our involvement with the Volunteers over 50 of them took advantage of our twelve-month free membership offer.

We wholeheartedly welcome them on board. We would also like to thank our sponsors – namely Col. JOHN BLASHFORD-SNELL OBE, JIMMY CRICKET, Baroness RACHAEL HEYHOE-FLINT OBE, WYN CALVIN OBE, Dame BERYL GREY OBE, ROY HUDD OBE and ESTHER RANTZEN CBE for their advice and suggestions in support of this venture.

As it is planned to have 40,000 Volunteers operating at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we will be endeavouring to repeat our 2012 involvement there. This should provide an opportunity to expand our membership in Scotland.

Read an account of Volunteer Richard Dear.

Paul has written a tribute to the Volunteers on his blog

Partner link: How London 2012 Became ‘The Friendly Olympics’

London 2012 Olympics will be remembered  as ‘The Friendly Games’. Why? Because from the moment you got off a train or a bus, you were greeted with a smile by any of the 70,000 wonderful volunteers. They helped everyone and they had fun. Spectators had fun. And so did the athletes.

Some Olympic Volunteers

Backstage London 2012 and the volunteers’ after party with the athletes

So here’s what it was like to be a volunteer. To give up your time for, long hours, exhausting days and  no pay. Buy hey, “It felt amazing…… it was literally just sparkly and shiny and bright and loud…the music…everyone was pumped (‘excited’)…everyone was didn’t see an unhappy face….everyone was smiling……everyone was so energetic….everyone just came together…..and it was like a big Olympic family really!” said volunteer, Victoria Irving from the University Of East London.

Here’s Victoria’s story that she’ll pass onto her children and her children’s children……You can too……pass it on…..

Backstage London 2012 – Volunteer Pride (video)

What was it like when you walked into the (unfinished) stadium?

First thing was just wow – really. When we got there, they were still building it.  So it was nice to actually sit there and watch all the workers put it together while we were there and rehearsing around everyone (including)  the contractors and getting to see it (literally)  build up (basically). Some Olympic Volunteers 01 IMG_0582 02 IMG_0588 03 IMG_0589 04 19 IMG_0633 20 IMG_0635 21 05 IMG_0598 06 IMG_0599 07 IMG_0602 08 DSC01206-1 09 DSC01207-1 10 DSC01210 10IMG_0606 11 12 IMG_0612 13 14 DSC01217 15 DSC01218 22IMG_0645x 23 IMG_0646 24 IMG_0654 25 26 IMG_0649x 27 16 DSC01225 Miss Congolese 18 19 IMG_0633 20 IMG_0635 21

What was it like when you walked into the (packed) stadium?

“It was literally just sparkly and shiny and bright and loud…the music…everyone was pumped (‘excited’)…everyone was didn’t see an unhappy face….everyone was smiling…everyone was so energetic….everyone just came together….

Backstage Olympic 2012 One Big Olympic Family (video)

Any special moments come to mind?

It would have to be just putting on our bibs, first of all. We had to wear bib numbers and then getting our flags and meeting the athletes as well at the end. We got to have a little secret party with them in the stadium at the end. …..

Miss Congolese

Before the Olympics we made a video which asked the question: ‘Anyone For Olympism?‘. Looking back now, we can say ‘yes’ everyone, it seemed, was for Olympism. The friendly atmosphere was infectious. Athletes displayed great sportsmanship. The crowd displayed great sportsmanship.  For more than two weeks sport and sportsmanship  brought  the world together and generations will remember London 2012 as ‘The Friendly Olympics’.



Note 1:  TEDxTallaght Video called ‘How Sportsmanship Can Save The World‘ proves that sportsmanship can stop wars and boost diplomatic relations (15 mins).

Note 2:  The Campaign For Courtesy also lent its full support to the volunteers.

See also:  Anyone For Olympism?  which explains the whole Great Sportsmanship (educational) Programme in a spectaculor 4 minute video.