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Excuse me, please could you turn down the volume?

Noise and its effect on people around us seems to be becoming a bigger concern, especially on public transport or in public spaces.

Last week, LBC reported the incident of a woman attacked on a Tube train after asking another passenger to turn down the volume when watching a video on his mobile phone.

While intrusion into other people’s space has always been tricky on crowded Tube trains, mobile devices add the new dimension of noise to this.

What is acceptable?

What is entertaining to some people can be annoying to others. Some want to be entertained, while others want to travel in silence.

Trains on the national rail network have ‘quiet coaches’ to try to ensure those who enjoy quiet are not disturbed, but should anyone subject others to noise, whether it be music, film or TV soundtracks or loud phone conversations, that they don’t want to hear?

We think it is courteous to be considerate of others by keeping the volume down or listening through headphones.

What are your thoughts?

Do you want to travel with this?

When you travel on public transport, it’s a much better experience when trains and buses are clean and tidy. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Vanessa Bond is the National Campaign for Courtesy’s representative for travel and transport and takes a keen interest when she is travelling. Lately she has been focusing on the amount of litter people leave on the London Underground and has been taking photos as a record.

“It annoys me intensely that people are so inconsiderate and just leave everything behind them,” says Vanessa. “One of the photos shows a can of beer left on a seat, and alcohol is banned on public transport!

“The trains always leave their depots very clean, but within minutes they become like rubbish tips.  The same can be said for South West Trains that I also travel on frequently.  The worst is coffee spilt all over the floor.”

What are your thoughts? Does litter spoil your experience of public transport? Do you think everyone should take their litter with them?

Litter on trains

Litter on trains

Litter on trains

Litter on trains