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Kill the conversation

GEM Motoring Assist’s video on the dangers of using mobile phones while driving.

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Motorists on their mobiles: GEM mobile phone code for on the road

GEM Motoring AssistGEM Motoring Assist considers the mobile phone to be the most dangerous distraction on the road and produced a leaflet detailing a safety and courtesy code for motorists and mobile phones in conjunction with the National Campaign for Courtesy.

GEM CEO and National Campaign for Courtesy vice-chairman David Williams explains that the solution to this widespread problem is elusive: “in truth, most road safety professionals, police and the public have such mixed views…there could be more enforcement, but that is so costly and police numbers are being cut. Another option is bigger penalties, but culprits have to be caught first.”

Download the GEM Motoring Assist safety and courtesy code for motorists and mobile phones.

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Manners for motorists: GEM launches Courtesy on the Road campaign

GEM Motoring AssistTo help motorists avoid the stress associated with winter driving, GEM Motoring Assist has refreshed its ‘Courtesy on the Road’ leaflet.

The road safety organisation and breakdown cover company has published top tips for motorists, including a ‘Courtesy Driving Code’, to help reduce a major cause of conflict on the road: stress. The leaflet also features a checklist to help combat tense situations such as breakdowns, traffic build ups, and noisy distractions.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist and vice-president of the National Campaign for Courtesy, comments: “As winter presents some of the most stressful driving conditions, including poor weather and increased traffic throughout the Christmas period, now is the time when a courteous gesture can make a real difference. Rather than getting frustrated or angry with other road users, we want to encourage motorists to be patient this winter and show compassion to other drivers. We hope that this newly designed leaflet will help highlight how easy this is to achieve.”

The Courtesy Driving Code

  • Share the road safely
  • Keep calm, show restraint
  • Remember: others are not out to annoy you
  • Do not compete or retaliate
  • Be patient in traffic
  • Set an example to others
  • Give way at busy junctions
  • Put yourself in the position of the other driver
  • Say ‘thank you’
  • Say ‘sorry’

The ‘National Campaign for Courtesy’ backs GEM Motoring Assist’s leaflet as part of an ongoing push for courtesy on our roads.

Chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy Peter G. Foot comments: “We are delighted to be supporting GEM Motoring Assist in this excellent campaign, which we hope will help to make our roads safer. Courteous behaviour is a vital ingredient to ensure a better society for everyone, but courtesy on our busy roads could be a matter of life or death and we fully endorse this initiative.”

You are welcome to download the  ‘Courtesy on the Road’ leaflet.

For further details, please visit GEM Motoring Assist.