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Radio Interview Courtesy Topics Ranked by Frequency

Swearing tops the list of topics that we have responded to in recent radio interviews. The following list puts topics in order of frequency:

  1. Swearing
  2. The notorious F-word (first uttered on TV by Kenneth Tynan 40 years ago)
  3. Foul language on stage, TV and radio
  4. Use of language/is the art of conversation dying
  5. Spitting
  6. Litter
  7. Mobile usage including decibel level/telephone manners
  8. Road rage
  9. Modern Day Manners/is age of chivalry dead?
  10. ‘Sod-casting’ – music on buses, trains, etc.
  11. Feet on Seats (public transport)
  12. Eating food and drink on public transport
  13. Pregnant women having to stand on public transport
  14. Shaking hands
  15. Tipping
  16. Queuing at the Post Office
  17. Customer courtesy
  18. Reluctance to Complain
  19. Teaching manners at school or in the home?

What aspects of courtesy do you think are important?