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Have a safe, enjoyable and courteous bank holiday drive

As thousands prepare for journeys of all descriptions over the bank holiday weekend, David Williams MBE, Vice-Chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy and CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, wishes all drivers and passengers safe, enjoyable and courteous journeys.

“Taking a bit of extra time to prepare your car and plan your journey will help to ease the stress of travelling this weekend,” said David. “With more traffic likely to hit the roads during the bank holiday break, we strongly urge people to take the necessary precautions, and we hope that the tips below help with the planning.”

To find out how preparation can ensure a better experience for all, visit GEM Motoring Assist’s website for its bank holiday driving suggestions.

Kill the conversation

The National Campaign for Courtesy is again delighted to be working with Road Safety Champion GEM Motoring Assist to produce a ‘Courtesy Code’ for users of mobile phones.

Peter Foot, Chairman of the Campaign for Courtesy, said, “When you are out and about in places such as theatres, restaurants, trains, buses, libraries, art galleries, and many more, it is important to respect others when using your mobile phone. It is easy enough to do if we follow a few simple rules, and not only shows good manners but also makes situations more comfortable and pleasant for our fellow citizens.”

The Mobile Courtesy Code

  • Keep your voice down. Shouting is not necessary.
  • Speak quietly in public places such as buses or trains.
  • Try to text, or e-mail your communication to avoid speech that may disturb others.
  • Never leave your mobile on a table or desk at a meeting, or restaurant, even when it is on ‘vibrate’.
  • When using the phone to play electronic games, switch the sound off.
  • Never hold a phone conversation when carrying out another task with others.

David Williams MBE, Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist, is also concerned about the illegal use of phones by drivers and said, “The temptation to use your mobile while driving can be greatly reduced if you turn it off and keep it out of reach.

“Although it is important to keep a mobile phone with you in the car in case of an emergency situation it is illegal and dangerous to use a hand-held mobile phone and it should only be used when you have stopped your car in a safe place,” added David.

It has been announced by the Government that fixed penalty notices for illegally using a hand-held phone by drivers will increase from £60 to £100. In addition drivers will also receive 3 penalty points on their licence.

Research has shown that motorists who us a mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to have a crash and reaction times are around 50% slower for drivers holding a phone conversation.

For a free copy of the leaflet or to watch the short video, click Kill the Conversation.

Kill the conversation

GEM Motoring Assist’s video on the dangers of using mobile phones while driving.

For more useful information on courtesy and safety on the road, visit


Motorists on their mobiles: GEM mobile phone code for on the road

GEM Motoring AssistGEM Motoring Assist considers the mobile phone to be the most dangerous distraction on the road and produced a leaflet detailing a safety and courtesy code for motorists and mobile phones in conjunction with the National Campaign for Courtesy.

GEM CEO and National Campaign for Courtesy vice-chairman David Williams explains that the solution to this widespread problem is elusive: “in truth, most road safety professionals, police and the public have such mixed views…there could be more enforcement, but that is so costly and police numbers are being cut. Another option is bigger penalties, but culprits have to be caught first.”

Download the GEM Motoring Assist safety and courtesy code for motorists and mobile phones.

See more details at GEM Motoring Assist.