Join in #pleaseMAY

Put a little effort, a little energy, a few seconds into small acts of courtesy to make a big difference #pleaseMAY

Download pledge sheet

Download your pledge sheet, sign it with your name, business name or name that you use on Twitter, Facebook or online.

#pleaseMAY personal pledge | National Campaign for Courtesy

Pledge suggestions

Your pledge can be as small or large as you choose.

If you want to keep it simple, pledge to say “please” whenever you can.

If you are about to make a bigger commitment, think how you can be more courteous (see below).

Courteous activity ideas

Start by offering basic help and ask:

  • #pleaseMAY I help you?
  • #pleaseMAY we offer you a seat?
  • #pleaseMAY I hold the door open for you?
  • #pleaseMAY I carry your bag?
  • #pleaseMAY I take your coat?

If you are asking a stranger, be prepared for them to decline. Perhaps they do not feel comfortable or have a very good reason for declining. We hope they will decline your genuine offer of courtesy politely.

In different situations, eg office, school, in public, there will be many different ways of being courteous. We’re always pleased to hear your suggestions.

Group activities

#pleaseMAY is the ideal activity for groups to make pledges and support each other:

  • business colleagues
  • schools
  • social groups and clubs
  • family and friends

Give or email copies of the blank pledge sheet to other people and ask them to join in – the web page address is

Share your pledge

The success of #pleaseMAY depends on as many people as possible knowing about it and joining in.

Your pledge is very important and so is sharing it with other people.

Photos and stories

If you use social media, please take a selfie photograph of:

  • you and your signed pledge


  • you being courteous to someone else or someone being courteous to you.

Post it on your accounts with the #pleaseMAY hashtag.

Also post it to the National Campaign for Courtesy accounts and follow us on:

If you’re not using social media, email photos or stories to us at  and we can publish them for you.


Make a video of your signed pledge or you helping others of about 60 seconds long for us to add to our YouTube channel or make a 6-second Vine video.

Like, share & retweet

Follow the #pleaseMAY hashtag on social media.

Every time you see a #pleaseMAY post, photo or video, please like, share or retweet it to your own connections.

Join the National Campaign for Courtesy

Support #pleaseMAY by becoming a member of the National Campaign for Courtesy.

Make it big

Thank you for your support.

Let’s work together to make #pleaseMAY the most courteous month ever.

And if you have suggestions, please let us know at  or calling Robert Zarywacz on 07971 176044.

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