Put a little effort, a little energy, a few seconds into small acts of courtesy to make a big difference #pleaseMAY

Many small actions can add up to change. A little effort, a little energy, a few seconds are all it takes for courtesy to make a big difference.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join in  #pleaseMAY throughout May 2016 to improve life for as many people as possible through many small acts of courtesy.

As Vice-Chairman Robert Zarywacz says, “If you and I and one person in every street in every town in every city across the country or the world acted more courteously, what a big difference we could make to so many people’s lives.”

Let’s put courtesy at the heart of life.

Let’s ask #pleaseMAY I?

To get the ball rolling, we’re starting with a small action that everyone can take: saying ‘please may I’ when asking for something.

Don’t wait until May – start now. Join in by taking three simple steps below: SIGN, SHARE, SUCCEED.


Please download and sign our #pleaseMAY pledge sheet to make your commitment to saying please throughout May.

#pleaseMAY personal pledge | National Campaign for Courtesy

Your commitment can range from saying please as often as possible to bigger offers of help, eg

  • #pleaseMAY I help you?
  • #pleaseMAY I offer you a seat?
  • #pleaseMAY I hold the door open for you?


Take a photo or make a video showing you and your signed pledge and share it on your social media accounts with the #pleaseMAY hashtag.

You can find us on these networks:

And please email or give copies of the blank pledge sheet to your family, friends, colleagues and social groups.

Succeed . . . with many small acts of courtesy

Now put your pledge into practice.

Put a little effort, a little energy, a few seconds into many small acts of courtesy to make a big difference.

Ask to help people by opening doors, carrying things or performing some other genuine courtesy . . . and tell us about it.

Post details or photos of your acts of courtesy or acts of courtesy you have experienced from others on your social media accounts and blogs. Remember to include the #pleaseMAY hashtag and let us know about them.

If you’re not using social media networks, you can email photos or stories to us at  and we can publish them for you.


See our detailed suggestions on how to take part in #pleaseMAY.

And if you have more suggestions of your own, please send them to us at  or call Robert Zarywacz on 07971 176044.

Join the National Campaign for Courtesy

Please also support #pleaseMAY by becoming a member of the National Campaign for Courtesy.

Thank you.

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