Skipton is Top Town for courtesy in 2016

Skipton Top Town for Courtesy 2016

The National Campaign for Courtesy is delighted to announce that Skipton in North Yorkshire has been selected as its Top Town for Courtesy for 2016.

The award follows vetting of the town by the charity and will be presented at an official event in Skipton in November attended by officials and patrons of the campaign.

Malcolm Weaving, who runs the Rendezvous Hotel in the town, said putting Skipton forward for the award was easy because he had seen how politely both residents and people in the hospitality industry behaved.

“Skipton has such a multitude of attractions alongside the courtesy naturally shown to our visitors by the people and workers of Skipton – it was a no brainer! When I put Skipton forward, no other town had a chance. Let’s keep it up, residents and employees in Skipton, as I think we are on a roll.”

Robert Zarywacz, Vice Chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy, said: “Each year we seek out a town from across the country that has demonstrated courtesy in action. This year Skipton impressed our judges on their visit and now follows in the footsteps of previous titleholders Ilfracombe, Shrewsbury and Epsom.

“While a good quality physical environment is important, most people want to live in a friendly community. Modern lifestyles can create a lot of stress and courtesy helps us all to treat each other with respect. The Top Town award recognises towns where the community has taken the extra step to encourage courtesy in all aspects of life.

“Congratulations to Skipton on a thoroughly deserved win.”

Launched in 1986, the National Campaign for Courtesy is a registered charity that is committed to good manners; respect for self and others; courtesy for all; and rejection of anti-social behaviour.

Partner link: Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments From Rio 2016

Here are our Top 10 Great Sportsmanship moments from Rio 2016. It really was difficult to choose the Top 10 and , in particular, the number 1 moment of sportsmanship from the many sportsmanship moments we posted on social media (facebook and instagram) each day. So here’s the list in reverse order.

photo of the Olympic Flag

The Olympic Flag

10. Haitian Hurdler Never Gives Up [Hurdles]

Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti knocked over the first hurdle in his race and fell to the floor. Despite the immense disappointment he pulled himself up on his feet and finished the race. He demonstrating great courage and a real ‘never give up’ attitude.  This is similar to Derek Redmond story from Barcelona.

9. Fiji’s First Olympic Medal Is Gold – Fiji Celebrates [Rugby] 

Fiji Win Their 1st Olympic Medals Ever. So Never Stop Trying. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Keep Trying For 60 Years & Then Win Gold – Fijian Olympic Heroes For the first time ever in the history of the Olympics and celebrated their first Olympic medal, and it was gold. They have played wonderfully exciting rugby for many many years with little reward until now.

8. French Victors Congratulated By Irish Rowers & Interviews Go Viral [Rowing]

“Fair Play To You. You Deserve it.” said the two ecstatic, silver medallist, Irish brothers  to the two victorious, gold medal, French rowers. Gary and Paul O’Donovan from Skibareen, Ireland were all smiles as they congratulated the two victorious French rowers (in the middle of their TV interview) with a famous Irish expression; ‘Fair Play To You’ – which means ‘you deserve it – the best team won’.  This video is about joy and pleasure of sport – the thrill of giving it your best. Despite being pipped at the post, they became Ireland’s first ever Olympian rowing medalists, and were able to enjoy every moment of it. So much so, their interviews went viral.


7.  American’s Dignity In Defeat [Swimming 100m Butterfly]

USA Phelps Smiles Despite Defeat – Singapore’s Joseph Schooling made history today as he beat his hero in the swimming pool. Some years earlier, In 2008, Phelps obliged Joseph when he asked for a selfie with his hero. In 2016 the kid came back and ‘stole’ the champs medal (by beating him in the race). Phelps took it like a real champion and his smile beamed the radiance of a truly great race – where each has given everything and the adrenaline is still pumping and both swimmers know they just competed and gave everything they had.


6. Polish Discus Thrower Sells Silver Medal To Raise Money For Child Cancer Patient [Discus]

Polish athlete Piotr Malachowski won a silver in the discus event, he then auctioned off his silver medal to pay for a young boys treatment, who was dying of cancer.  An amazing gesture!


5. British Bubble Burst But Belgian Friendship Prevails [Heptathlon]

Jessica Ennis-Hill showed us all exactly how to lose gracefully. She’s humble in defeat even though she lost her title. She was a humble Olympic champion (& favourite), had a baby, came back and trained hard for 4 years. Although she was determined to win gold again, her bubble was burst when she was beaten by the wonderful and much younger Belgium athlete. Despite this, Ennis-Hill is still a real champion as she congratulated and, with a real warm smile, embraced her victor, the new Olympic Champion,   Nafissatou Thiam.

Photo of Jessica Ennis-Hill throwing the javlin

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Photo of Belgium's Nafissatou Thiam throwing the javlin

Nafissatou Thiam

4. Ups and Downs Can’t Stop British Somalian  [Middle Distance] 

Mo Farah stumbled and fell during his 10,000 metre race but instead of feeling sorry for himself or giving up, he got straight back up, recomposed himself and won the race! He showed us that with the enough desire, heart, commitment, courage and ‘will to win’ you can reach your goals. Never give up!


3.  Old Gets Gold as 58 Year Old Brit Wins After Broken Back & Retiring 16 Years Earlier [Show Jumping]

Great Britain’s Show Jumping hero, Nick Skelton is the oldest British gold medalist for 100 years. He has competed in 7 Olympics but never won gold. Broke his back, retied 16 years ago, had his hip replaced. Came back. Never gave up since. Eventually won gold. Jump racing champion & legend, Ireland’s AP McCoy, tweeted: “Delighted for Nick Skelton, the most brilliantly talented rider that deserves a gold medal more than anyone.”

picture of Horse jumping fence at RIO 2016

Show jumping at Rio 2016

2. North and South Koreans Embrace – When Enemies Become Friends [Gymnastics] 

North Korea’s Gymnast Hong Un-Jong shares a selfie with South Korea’s Lee Eun-Ju. The two countries have had very serious trust issues for years and have boiled over into threats, missiles and much more animosity for years. That’s why this picture stands for so much. Sport can, and does, bring people together.

1. Kiwi Stops To Help American [Middle Distance Athletics]

New Zealand runner stops to help fallen American in amazing show of sportsmanship. American Abbey D’agostino and Kiwi Nikki Hamblin tripped up each other in the 5,000m prelims. D’agostino injured her ankle. Hamblin helped her up and the American finished the race. They embraced at the end even as the American was taken away in a wheelchair. Rio 2016    These moments captured the imagination around the world here’s Sri Lankin Tamil TV showing video footage of it.


So there you have some wonderful moments of sportsmanship. There were many many more which you can see on our Facebook and Instagram pages facebook and instagram. Please tell us which is your favourite story by adding a comment at the end. Please also share this post with as many people as possible so that everybody knows that Olympic flame is alive and well.

Photo of olympic flame

Olympic flame

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This French Man Wrote The Most Incredible Open Letter To The Irish People

“You do honour to your country, your people, to your ancestors. Even drunk, you’re a gentleman…”

Screen Shot 2016 06 24 At 13 44 36

Oliver Sauton is a French man who, along with many others, has been blown away by the Irish supporters in France.

He wrote the following open letter to all Irish fans, and it’s blowing up on social media.

Dear Irish supporter,

Sunday your country will face mine in the knockout stages of Euro 2016. Well you know what? If my country wins or yours, I’ll be happy. And I will celebrate. As if my blood is French, my heart, thanks to you and your comrades, is increasingly Irish.

Dear Irish supporter, you shall never measure how much good you are doing to our country. Before your arrival, here we kept to yell, people went on strike, they broke the shops and pounding it. We spoke only of hatred, discord and disgusting lawns of our stadiums. Since you’re here, Irish friend, we speak only of generosity, brotherhood and good atmosphere that you put in the stands. In the stands and on the streets too!

Every day all France feasts videos in which you sing ballads for pretty French ladies, lullabies for innocent babies, loving slogans for the police who remembers thanks to you it can be loved, you repair the car that you accidentally damaged and pushes repentance to compensate the driver, you even cleaned up- such Japanese supporter-garbage that you leave! ETC … ETC … ETC … In fact if the Irish wears green is because that’s a Martian. Yes, a human being with such heart, it can only be an extraterrestrial, or Irish.

You do honor to your country, your people, to your ancestors. Even drunk, you’re a gentleman. Even with your belly sticking over your shirt, you have class. Even defeated, you’re in good spirits.

I love you, the Irish, and I think I am telling the truth when I say the whole France that has fallen under your charm. You have so conquered us than you reign over us already. When you see how much good you’re doing for our country, we French we say that Ireland is better than Holland … Because it is much more than a good mood that you spread, Irish brother, it’s Love. Love others, stuff that had been forgotten. Love the beer too! You drink so much! I‘ve never seeing anything like it. And you’re beautiful when you drink! You sing, you laugh, you make friends and I rarely see you vomit. Spread the word: Irish is the best advertising for alcohol. In fact, I propose that on match days of the Irish team, we do not prohibit the sale of alcohol, but that make free and compulsory.

You remember in 2009, we ripped you off. We played like feet (French expression for rubbish) and it took the hand of Thierry Henry to go to the World Cup. But if God is not (maybe) Irish, he must still know one in his family – divine justice – we were covered with ridicule, to make the whole world laugh (even strike history, specialty home …).

At the time, despite the joy of qualifying, many French were ashamed because we agree the game was won, but at the same time we also lost our pride … You, you were sad but left with no violence, and you’re back in our country without seeking revenge. Hey, the Irishman: you are a great lord. The kind of guy to whom we bow.

I swear if you win Sunday thanks to an imaginary penalty, a wandering hand, a bench not whistled, there will be no problem between us: a ball over the centre through the bar box. And the French who dare to complain, we will condemn him to only drink water, that’ll teach him.

Waiting for the game, I will inquire about obtaining the Celtic nationality. I am even ready to learn your fucking incomprehensible accent. I start this post on social networks as launching a bottle into the sea: I hope it will reach up to you.

If a good soul could translate it, it will have my eternal gratitude because my English isn’t good enough. At school, I was too busy looking at the girls’ skirts rather than learn my irregular verbs, you will understand me and excuse me.

Have a good game, Irish brother. You can be proud. Because the Euro is not over and yet you’ve already won.




Icelandic team celebrate with the ritual slow thunderclap  the seismic ‘Huh’. Eamon Donoghue described it as ‘Like the oars of a Gokstad ship building up to a battle-like momentum – when the synchronised clap and ‘Huh’ rise to a spine-tingling crescendo – Iceland is inspired and the opposition frozen’ (Irish Times). Donoghue continues: Iceland’s thunder-clap may fit the mould of an old Viking war cry – but it is in fact a celebration with Scottish roots. Inspired by the fans of Motherwell.


Irish Fans Win Medal In Paris

Partner link: A Teacher, A Thinker & An Immigrant Change The World & Euro 2016

Thai School Kids Sing Irish Euro 2016 Song

This is Thai Tims singing with gusto the new Irish Euro 2016 song. There is a deep & beautiful & tragic yet inspirational story behind this. How one man made a big difference.

Berni Lennon is a half British, half Thai boy who loves football but was refused a place in many local Thai schools, because he had Down’s Syndrome.

Enter two retired well off Thais, Mr Praman and Mrs Yuvaret Sarakoses driven by their Buddhist beliefs wanted to help others & set up the Good Child Foundation to help poverty stricken kids falling into crime and deprivation. Triamsuksanayaiam School is one of their projects. Berni’s Mum & Dada made one last desperate appeal to a school to educate their son.

In a simple act of compassion  the Sarakoses said ‘Yes’

Berni was immediately accepted into the school. To demonstrate their gratitude, Berni’s parents, Paul and Rungthiwa volunteered to help to teach English.  With no teaching experience and no resources (for books etc.), they used songs to teach English. Songs from Celtic Football Club(Glasgow).

As you approach the school, you can hear the sounds of “The Fields of Athenry”, “The Town I loved so Well”, “Molly Malone” and “Dirty Old Town” Irish songs normally sung by Celtic fans sing – songs firmly rooted in the Celtic history of hardship, passion and pride.

Youtube Bridge Links Glasgow with Thailand

Things took a giant leap, when Glasgow people saw videos like the one above. Delighted Glaswegians sent donations. A steady flow. Eventually Celtic FC made the Good Child Foundation one of its official charities.  Video s like that above were shown on the big screens at the stadium – to the delighted of all fans.  This was ‘the most marvellous thing’ many fans had ever seen.

Enter 18 Year Old Glaswegian, Reamonn Gormley

Before starting university, a young, talented Glaswegian footballer offered his services as a volunteer for the summer. Along with another Irish student Paul and Rungthiwa took up  his offer. He taught English and sang with the children in the mornings and in the afternoons, he coached the football team (& played baseball). He had played for the Celtic youth team! He stayed with the Lennon’s and soon became like a son to them and like a big brother and best friend to Berni and his younger brother, Steven Noi. In the evenings he’d go to the river and fish with the old men.

Watching a video of Reamonn humbly saying goodbye in Thai and complimenting the whole country on its wonderful food and the most beautiful women in the world. He was relaxed and happy. He promised them he would come back next year.

A few months after returning home to Scotland, Reamonn Gormley was murdered. A mindless stabbing whilst being robbed by  Darren Maxwell, who was also a Celtic supporter. He even went to the same school, but Maxwell’s mother was a paranoid schizophrenic and his father was in and out of prison throughout his childhood.  Without resources & inspiration  these patterns continue,  kids falling deeper and deeper into crime. Something that Reamonn was helping to stop.

“It was music that kept their spirit free”

The Thai children sang these words in English. And it is true. Reamonn’s songs will be remembered forever in Thailand and his spirit lives on, still inspiring others.  In fact, in 2012, Paul and Rungthiwa Lennon, along with the support of the Celtic and Chanthaburi communities, somehow got 42 Thai children to travel to Glasgow. They sang for the fans at half time in Celtic Park. During their 3 week tour, they met everyone, including  Reamonn’s family.  Everywhere they went the were cheered. They even crossed the Irish Sea and visited Belfast where they played a concert and met the Lord Mayor. “Meeting them at the Titanic Museum (Belfast) and singing together was something I will never forget.” says Patrick Jackson, author of a wonderful article about Reamonn.

Having achieved more in his few short years than most of us do in a lifetime, Reamonn Gormley will be remembered. May Reamonn’s spirit continue to inspire us all.

Campaign thanks Katherine for keeping lane clear of litter

Courtesy certificate presented for clearing up litter

The National Campaign for Courtesy has presented 15-year-old Katherine Ball of Barnstaple, Devon with a certificate recognising her dedication to keeping a local lane clear of litter.

Vice-Chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy Robert Zarywacz read about Katherine’s efforts to keep Barbican Lane clear of litter in an article in the North Devon Journal. He was shocked by the news that several people had sworn at her and deliberately dropped litter, which was demoralising her.

Robert immediately passed the article to the charity’s executive council, who agreed unanimously that Katherine deserved to be recognised for her contribution to the community, especially as the campaign has launched its own national anti-litter drive supported by patron Joanna Lumley OBE.

Robert recently met Katherine in Barbican Lane to present her with her certificate and thank her for all her hard work.

“Litter is a blight on our towns and countryside, so we are delighted to recognise Katherine’s initiative and energy in looking after the environment and improving it for everyone,” said Robert.

“Katherine is a shining example of what citizens can achieve and a beacon for young and old alike.

“We hope this certificate will encourage Katherine to keep up her good work and reassure her that it is valued not just locally but across the country.”

Partner link: Fans Sing For Opposition Goalkeeper Who Lost His Mother

It’s pretty rare for an athlete to get a standing ovation from opposing fans in any sport. But on Friday night in the Netherlands, that’s exactly what happened (reports Isaac Saul).

NAC Breda goalie Jelle ten Rouwelaar had lost his 61-year-old mother not long before their game against the Go Ahead Eagles. During the 61st minute of action, fans of the Go Ahead Eagles club — who were the home team — gave Rouwelaar a standing ovation.

But they weren’t done there. Shortly after, along with NAC Breda fans, they all broke into a rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Rouwelaar was clearly touched by the gesture, despite trailing in the game, and he took a moment to acknowledge the fans during their song. It was a truly beautiful moment that reminded everyone sports, and competition, aren’t the most important things in the world.


Thanks to  @ike_saul for reporting this and John Walsh for alerting us to this beautiful story.

See other inspirational football stories .

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Partner link: Fans Sing For Opposition Goalkeeper Who Lost His Mother

It’s pretty rare for an athlete to get a standing ovation from opposing fans in any sport. But on Friday night in the Netherlands, that’s exactly what happened (reports Isaac Saul).

NAC Breda goalie Jelle ten Rouwelaar had lost his 61-year-old mother not long before their game against the Go Ahead Eagles. During the 61st minute of action, fans of the Go Ahead Eagles club — who were the home team — gave Rouwelaar a standing ovation.

But they weren’t done there. Shortly after, along with NAC Breda fans, they all broke into a rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Rouwelaar was clearly touched by the gesture, despite trailing in the game, and he took a moment to acknowledge the fans during their song. It was a truly beautiful moment that reminded everyone sports, and competition, aren’t the most important things in the world.


Thanks to  @ike_saul for reporting this and John Walsh for alerting us to this beautiful story.

See other inspirational football stories .

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Courtesy award for Coffee Republic in North Finchley

National Campaign for Courtesy award to Coffee Republic North Finchley

The National Campaign for Courtesy has awarded the manager and staff of Coffee Republic in North Finchley a certificate acknowledging their exceptional customer service and courtesy to others

Campaign for Courtesy’s Vanessa Bond presented the certificate to manager Raj Mathur recently. Raj has been manager at the café in High Road for the last eight years and has developed a lovely community spirit within the cafe. Every Friday there is a chance to experience Shiatsu Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage or Healing. There are evenings with local musicians or a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition. Groups offering English or conversational foreign languages meet there and even the local press used to meet there, giving local people a chance to chat to them about local issues.

Vanessa Bond said: “I was delighted to award Coffee Republic with this certificate. The staff have been seen outside assisting people in wheelchairs to make their way in and helping them to their tables and it’s also a popular venue for mother and baby groups to meet up. They provide absolutely first class customer service to everyone and really deserve this accolade.”

Campaign for Courtesy’s 30th anniversary AGM – Saturday 28 May 2016

Please join us in celebrating our 30 year anniversary at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28 May 2016 at the Brothers Room in the Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL (see direction map below). Starting at 11.30am.

National Campaign for Courtesy Annual General Meetings are friendly, interesting events, especially when our celebrity patrons attend.

You can hear about all our activities, including our Top Town programme and #pleaseMAY, and meet the people running the campaign.

We welcome everyone. Lunch and refreshments will be provided – please let us know you are coming to help with catering requirements – email 

We’ll also be celebrating our #pleaseMAY initiative to make May 2016 a month of courtesy.

Partner link: Enjoy Yourself When You Play – Johan Cruijff (Cruyff)


Enjoy Yourself

“The main thing for everybody, especially for a sportsman, is that you must enjoy yourself otherwise you will never enjoy it and never be good at it. I say to my son. Do whatever you want to do. Do it with pleasure.” source: Johann Cruijff, Tribute to a footballing visionary . BBC 5 Live.

Laugh & Enjoy Yourself

“If you can laugh and enjoy yourself, it is one of the most important things there is.” Johan Cruijff



Johan Cruijff was widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football history. He helped Dutch football to rise up from obscurity to become a powerhouse in world football.  He led Holland to the 1974 FIFA World Cup final and received the Golden Ball as player of the tournament. It was here that the word saw the Cruijff Turn.

The Cruyff Turn

Although he was still, arguably, the best player in the world,  Johan Cruijff  decided not to play in the 1978 World Cup, because his family suffered an attempted kidnapping  and so he said “I made the decision to stop in ’78. Hey I’m in the wrong time. There are too many crazy people. Let’s calm down.”

He had already played with Ajax Amsterdam and helped them to win 3 consecutive European Cups (& 8 championships between 1964 & 1973). In 1974 he moved to Barcelona and helped them from bottom of the table to become champions.


To Enjoy Is Much More Important Than Only Winning

He came back as a manager many years later and helped Barcelona win the European Cup in 1992 at Wembley for the first time in their 100 year history. Cruijff was delighted and said: “And now, you didn’t only win it, but the way you won it. Don’t talk about You: ‘No. no. You won the game. No. No. We enjoy watching. Enjoying a game for Barcelona is much more important than only winning.”

Total Football & Total Humanity

Cruyff was an exponent of the Dutch philosophy of ‘Total Football’ – where any player  can move and play anywhere while his companion covers any gaps left behind.  this is exciting football to watch. The spirit of Johan Cruijff lives on forever, in his Cruijff Foundation which helps less fortunate children to play sport.


I Enjoyed Myself Very Much

“(I) don’t think about it too much because you get big headed about it. It’s just that I had a fantastic career where I enjoyed myself very much.”


As his son Jordi says, he was a legend. The rest of us are mere mortals.


Thank you Johan Cruijff