Partner link: Young American Athlete Alerts Officials to Scoring Error and Misses The Cut

Meet Davis Robey, a 17 year old student, who throws the shot put for  Mason High School and dreams of one day qualifying for the Regionals. The shot put is one of the Ancient Olympic Games early events dating back to 684 BC when the goals of the Olympic Games were as much about developing athletes’s minds and bodies.  These principles remain today. Honour, honesty and friendship are key principles amongst true athletes today.

Graphic of the Ancient Olympic Athletes
The Ancient Olympics 684 BC principles remain alive and well today

On May 16th Davis Robey competed in the Division 1 Finals hoping to get within the top 4 and qualify for the Regionals.  An official scorer announced Robey in fourth place with a throw of 137 feet.  Robey knew he had only thrown 132 feet and that it was a mistake.  So Davis Robey stepped up and alerted the judges to the error. In doing so he forfeited his opportunity of competing in the Regionals, as he now finished 7th.

Robey is a true athlete who has ‘the milk of human kindness’ and buckets of integrity. He spoke quietly afterwards:  “It’s unfair for someone who did throw farther than me to not move on, because they worked just as hard as I did. ”

Watch The Interview

Watch the video interview of this inspirational young man.



Partner link: 6 Nations Rugby – Friendship, Honour, Respect & A Lot of Fun

The 2018 6 Nations Rugby was an exciting contest full of sportsmanship moments. Here’s a few. Do tell us your sportsmanship moments if you spotted any…….

Fans Have Fun

I am in Dublin for the Ireland v Wales 6 Nations match. It’s a big game. Two exciting teams. Both with a point to prove. As I walk down to Lansdowne Road’s Aviva Stadium, I see lots of Welsh Fans proudly wearing their red shirts and waving their wonderful Welsh Dragon flags (see Welsh fans are wonderful). I also see lots of Irish leprechauns, Green jumpsuits, tricolour flags and then I see this………..French fans walking along Lansdowne Road (see the translucent glass on the Aviva Stadium on the left).

French fans appear in Dublin as Ireland are about to play Wales!
French fans appear in Dublin as Ireland are about to play Wales!

Intense Battles

So many games in this year’s 6 Nations were so close. The very last game, between Italy and Scotland ended with Scotland winning by 2 points after being behind for most of the game. Ireland’s 83rd minute  drop goal against France saved Ireland from defeat in Paris. The Ireland v Wales game was a thrilling encounter between two very good teams.   It was an enthralling battle. Right up to the last few minutes, Wales could have won it. Even the French commentator and former French captain, Serge Betsen, said the best game was Ireland v Wales.

Ireland v Wales was an extraordinarily exciting  game of rugby
Ireland v Wales was an extraordinarily exciting game of rugby


The post-match handshake is mandatory in rugby. It’s a simple, yet, great thing.  Watch Irish and Welsh players line up to shake hands and occasionally embrace each other as soon as the final whistle has been blown.

Ireland v Wales – post-match handshake. The magical post-match handshake and the odd hug between players who, moments earlier were sworn opponents. Honour & Friendship prevail.


Excitement, Expectation and Magnificence

This is what it feels like when entering Lansdowne Road’s Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, minutes before  Ireland v Scotland game kicks off. Some say it’s like a ‘stairway to heaven’.  And two smiling stewards welcome us all  into a wonderful, almost mystical event.


Opposition Fans  Celebrate The Match Together 

The great thing about rugby is the camaraderie that exists between opposing fans.  Here some Irish and Scottish fans having a chat and some fun after the game

Irish and Scottish Fans celebrate together
Irish and Scottish Fans celebrate together


Entering Twickenham Stadium

Having beaten France, Italy, Wales & Scotland, Ireland marched on Twickenham to try and win the Triple Crown and Grand Slam (having already secured the 6 Nations Championship). Fantastic game.



Magical Moment from England’s Fullback

On the  77th minute England’s Mike Brown was about score a try for England to open the game up with 3 mins left on the clock, when he was brilliantly tackled by  Ireland’s Sean Cronin pushing him into touch. The referee called for video help. Mike Brown sat on the ground  – knowing he’d been tackled into touch. He knew it. The crowd didn’t but Brown did. As Cronin got up, Brown, still sitting on the  grass, gave him a friendly tap on the backside, congratulating Cronin on the exquisite tackle, which some say, finally secured Ireland’s Grand Slam.



Ireland defend the try line
Ireland defend the try line

England and Ireland shaking hands
England and Ireland shaking hands


Players, Substitutes and Backroom People are All Part of the Team

After receiving the Nat West 6 Nations Championship Trophy on the podium,  the Irish captain, Rory Best, stood on the podium with his arm around  Sean Cronin (who competes with  RoryBest for the same hooker position every game for several years now). Even between internal competitors, there was a great feeling of unity and warmth of friendship amongst the whole squad. Rory Best also acknowledge d during his speech, that it was the squad i.e. the players, the subs and also the backroom team that helped Ireland to win the Triple Crown, 6 Nations Championship and the Grand Slam 2018.

Everyone works together in a team or squad

Everyone works together in a team or squad 

English Coach Congratulates Irish Team

Even the England manager, Eddie Jones, who had previously made some prematch unsporting comments, redeemed himself by openly apologising and subsequently, immediately after the match, he  congratulated Ireland graciously when he said ‘Ireland were very worthy Grand Slam Winners’. This meant a lot to all the Irish fans.

Firework celebrations as Ireland receive the 2018 Nat West 6 Nations trophy



A Pure Act Of Kindness, Generosity & Friendship

So, Ireland won the Grand Slam beating England 24 – 15 at Twickenham. It was a special night for all those associated with Ireland because it was St Patrick’s day too. There would have been many memorable pictures taken from the weekend but none more special than this one. Peter O’Mahony gave his 6 nations medal to young fan Jennifer Malone.  Jennifer is a big fan and attends matches and training sessions whenever she can.  What a reward for her loyalty!

Peter O'Mahoney gives  Jennifer his 6 Nations Winner's medal
Peter O’Mahoney gives Jennifer Malone his 6 Nations Winner’s medal


English Fans Congratulate Irish Fans

All the English players and fans were outstanding in their warm congratulations that went on all night long, in arguably our finest St Patrick’s Day.

England fans celebrate Irealnd's victory with Irish fans all over London

England fans celebrate Irealnd’s victory with Irish fans all over London 



Partner link: NatWest 6 Nations 2018 Fixtures & 2017 Results & Bill McLaren Classic Quotes


Yes folks, it’s here again the wonderful 6 Nations Rugby feast. Here are your essentials: dates, KO times, location + can you remember who beat whom in every game last year – test yourself and your friends – then enjoy some rugby Commentator Karioki & speak, with passion, the wonderful Bill McLaren colourful quotes – to rekindle the magic he created. We have 60 of Bill’s Best quotes here .

6 Nations 2018 Fixtures & 2017 Results & Bill McLaren

6 Nations 2018 Fixtures & 2017 Results & Bill McLaren Classic Quotes


Here’s the pdf version of the above document 6 Nations 2018 Fixtures and 2017 Results and Bill McLaren with live links if you prefer this.



Free  posters, video links, workbooks and slides for schools – contact

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60 of the Best Rugby Quotes from Bill McLaren – the Voice of Rugby 

Rugby World Cup 2015 – A Photographic Celebration Of Sportsmanship

Rugby World Cup 2015 – A Photographic Celebration Of Sportsmanship

Partner link: Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments 2017 (part 2)

Part 1 covered sportsmanship moments number 10 to moment number 6 which included brave little Bradley Lowery, Joe Hart, French rugby and German football fans opening their homes to opposition fans, a subtle, yet magical moment in the US Masters between a Spaniard and an Englishman and a US Baseball moment. Now we’re going to reveal the Top Sportsmanship Moment of 2017 – starting with the 5th best moment.

5. All Blacks v Lions 3rd Test

A fantastic test series amidst an arduous tour of 10 games in 5 weeks – coach, Warren Gatland christened it ‘the suicide tour’. The Lions had 5 wins, 4 defeats and a draw in their bruising 10 match tour. And they somehow drew the test series. So the victory presentation and photos had both teams mixed in together with both captains, Kieran Read and Sam Warburton,   sharing and holding the trophy aloft. Both were smiling.

Kieran Read (wearing his 100th cap cap) & Sam Warbuton - all smiles

Kieran Read (wearing his 100th cap ‘cap’) & Sam Warburton – all smiles

Some might feel a draw was a good result for the Lions and a not-so-good result for the ABs, but the smiles in the photo here say it all – it was a thrilling 3rd and final test.   kiwi captain, Kieran Read, was terrific -he  seemed to realise the battle was over and beamed a genuine sportsmanship smile throughout the whole proceedings, despite some players finding it all a bit awkward (as most of them, if not all of them, have never shared/drawn a test series before).


4. Lewis Hamilton Risks Title & Lets Team-Mate Overtake Him   

Lewis Hamilton slowed down at the last bend of the Hungarian GP to allow his Mercedez team mate, Valterri Bottas, to overtake him & take his 3rd place spot, and enjoy a spot on the podium.  That cost Hamilton three points and would ultimately reduce his total score – so come the end of the season, this could have cost him the world championship.

Earlier in the race, Bottas was ordered to allow Hamilton past him so Hamilton could pursue Vettel and his Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.  Hamilton, promised he would give the place back to Bottas if he couldn’t catch the Ferrari duo. He honoured his promise and pulled aside for his team-mate on the final corner of the final lap – despite reducing his score. Many world championships have been lost by less than 3 points but we’re happy to confirm, Hamilton did go on to win the 2017 World Championship.


3. Claudio Ranieri Leicester City’s Sacked Manager’s  Honourable Exit Speech,

After being voted coach of the year in 2016 and winning the Premier League  against 5000-1 odds, Leicester City were struggling in 2017 and the manager, Ranieri, was shockingly sacked.  before he left,  he made an honourable and dignified farewell speech – without any bitterness, no vitriol nor vile, just love. Here’s some excerpts from his final, and most beautiful, goodbye speech:

The adventure was amazing and will live with me forever. Thank you to all the journalists and the media who came with us and enjoyed reporting on the greatest story in football.  My heartfelt thanks to everybody at the Club, all the players, the staff, everybody who was there and was part of what we achieved. But mostly to the supporters.

You took me into your hearts from day one and loved me. I love you too.

No one can ever take away what we together have achieved, and I hope you think about it and smile every day the way I always will.

It was a time of wonderfulness and happiness that I will never forget.

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to be a Champions with all of you.”  Full speech

Ranieri will be forever loved by all Leicester City fans and I think all football fans. Here are some   funny  clips from his video interviews – published by Leicester City FC.



2. Anthony Joshua’s Classy Tribute to Wladimir Klitschko’

Joshua is a great ambassador for sport. He doesn’t do pre-match bad mouthing the opposition. He treats them with respect, in such a serious and dangerous sport. His first social media message after his epic world title fight against the Ukranian, Wladimir Klitschko: Joshua tweeted to his half-million followers: ‘Styles make fights. Respect @klitschko_official’.

Joshua instagram message of respect to his opponent

After the fight, in front of 90,000 fans in Wembley, Joshua posted a message of respect to his opponent

Klitschko also praised Joshua via social media and in his press interviews. Mutual respect between two top pro’s.


1. Thailand’s New Snooker Star, Sunny Akani, says ‘Thank You For The Game’ to his victor, Ronnie O’Sullivan

During a World Class Battle – a Star & a Friend-For-Life emerged in early just 3 weeks ago (7 Dec).  A new kid on the block, who took on the world’s best and gave a masterclass in the exquisite skills of snooker combined with the wonderful warmth of great sportsmanship.

Thailand’s 22 year old Sunny Akani, dazzled the 5 times world champ, Ronnie O’Sullivan and when things went wrong for the young Thai – he just smiled, repeatedly. Such was the mutual respect and warmth of friendship between the two, that they did the post-match interview together. Sunny said Ronnie was his hero. And then he thanked Ronnie for the game. So few remember that without an opposition you don’t have a game -hence thanking the opposition is so refreshing to hear.

To see the commentators’ reaction to Sunny & his snooker shots – watch the above video. If you just want to see the wonderful interview between two new lifelong friends – skip forward to 11 mins 20 seconds)

Ronnie said British audiences already love Sunny because (not only is he brilliant) but he ‘played with a smile on his face.’ Audiences love that, said Ronnie. They then both bowed to each other with the prayer-like ‘Wai’   gesture & then briefly spoke Thai to each other whilst wearing great big grins!

Absolutely beautiful – watch this video to the end because a star is born.  Congratulations to Sunny Akino on achieving the number one sportsmanship moment 2017 and to Ronnie for being, well… the wonderfully humble, honest, humorous, friendly and most talented, Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Happy New Year To One and All


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Part 1 of 2017 Sportsmanship Moments

The Power of A Smile


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Partner link: Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments 2017

Here we are, once again, reviewing the year. Some great stories this year, plus a surprising number 1 moment. We’ll start with number 10 and work our way down to the number 1 moment – which surprises many but once they see the video – they get it!

Having just completed the BBC Radio London interview with the amazing host, Phil Parry, we are awaiting confirmation as to when exactly the Top 10 will be released – probably Wed 27 Dec.

We will release just numbers 10 to 6 for now and we will wait until BBC Radio London announce our final choice before publishing the remaining numbers 5 to 1, with 1 being 1st place, or the Top Moment…. so pls bear with me.

Meanwhile, here are numbers 10- 6…….


Number 10.

Moment/s of Kindness with the wonderful Bradley Lowery (so many moments….)

Jermaine Defoe became friends with the six-year-old, terminally ill little Sunderland supporter, the wonderful Bradley Lowery. They met when Bradley was a mascot & they became great friends. Little Bradley’s   bravery, humour and warmth of character inspired Jermaine & (in Jermaine’s own words) taught Jermaine a lot about the precious gift of life & love.


There were many magical moments – which you can see Jermaine talking about on video. But there’s one in particular …

Jermaine was playing for England at Wembley and had Bradley with him as a mascot in the queue in the tunnel, when Joe Hart, the England captain, turned around and asked Jermaine to lead the team out with Bradley – an incredible gesture by Joe Hart. Full story here.

Bradley Lowery Foundation to help other children

Bradley Lowery Foundation to help other children

Incidentally, little Jermaine’s parents got a standing ovation at the BBC Sports Personality of the year awards when they announced the Bradley Lowery Foundation to help other children.


9.  Racing 92 Rugby Club Invite Munster Rugby Fans to Stay With Them 

When they rescheduled Champions Cup match because of the sudden death of the Munster coach,  Anthony Foley (in Paris on the morning of the match), Racing 92 RFC sent a message to Munster Supporters Club inviting fans, when they return to Paris, to stay with the Racing 92 fans homes – as it is expensive to have to travel to Paris twice for one game.

This trip was already very emotional for the many Munster fans. And now this great French club do this?

“We are absolutely blown away by it. As a supporters club, we are deeply appreciative of the offer, we don’t even have the words to express our gratitude to Racing supporters,”

Ian Buckley, secretary of Munster Rugby Supporters Club.

Racing 92 and Munster logos

Racing 92 and Munster – friends for life

The brotherhood of rugby knows no bounds. These two clubs are friends for life now.

And, good news, it’s not just the brotherhood or rugby that knows no bounds… the brotherhood of football is alive as well too……


8  Dortmund Open Their Homes To Monaco Fans  

After the Champions League match was postponed for a day because of three explosions aimed at the Dortmund team bus (with only one relatively minor injury)   caused the game to be postponed by one day.

Dortmund’s official Twitter account called on their own fans to help out their Monaco fans, using the hashtag #BedForAwayFans.

Dortmund FC tweet asking their fans to help Monaco fans

Dortmund FC ask their fans to help Monaco fans

The next day at the match the Monaco fans  chanted  ‘Dortmund, Dortmund’ – you can see it and hear it all here .


7. Magical Masters Moment in Augusta

Spain’s Sergio Garcia and Britain’s Justin Rose were both trying to win their first U.S. Masters when a special moment occurred on the 15th hole.  Both players were playing ‘incredible golf’.

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia

Garcia got an eagle & then Rose putted a very high pressure birdy to keep the score level. As they walked off the green, Garcia, patted Rose on the back amidst a fantastic battle in arguably, the greatest golf tournament in the World, The Masters in Augusta.

the beautiful Hogan Bridge, Augusta

Friendship & encouragement of your opponent during the heat of battle – extraordinary stuff.

BTW, Garcia won it in the end, on the day, that would have been his hero, Seve Ballesteros’, 60th birthday.


6. Baseball’s Respect & Friendship Among Competitors

Texas Rangers Baseball star, Adrian Beltre made his 3,000th career hit in Major League Baseball. The next day, the Rangers played the Mariners in Seatle and Beltre faced ace pitcher Felix Hernandez.

Hernandez was about to pitch to Beltre, when he stopped,…. walked over to  Beltre and gave him a  quick hug (for reaching the career milestone, the night before), then walked back and pitched at him.

An old baseball ball

Baseball respect and friendship

It was a quick moment … a public display of friendship & respect between two opposition players.  You can see it here.


Coming soon …. after BBC Radio London sports show host, Phil Parry announces the winner plus broadcasts the interview with me covering all 10 Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments of 2017.


Partner link: Smiling Helps You Win In Sport and in Life

Why Does Everyone Love The Smiling Nicola Adams?

Apart from formerly working construction sites and as a tea lady behind the scenes on UK TV’s Coronation Street,  she is Britain’s only boxer to have retained a gold medal in consecutive Olympics. That is a very good reason in itself. But there is something else magical about her. It’ that smile. It’s infectious.

Nicola Adams and her wonderful smile

Nicola Adams and her wonderful smile


Greatest Long Distance Runner Always Smiled

A smile adds value to an athlete. People remember stars that smile more than stars that don’t! Here’s Elizabeth Egan,  former head of High Performance Sport, University of East London (and author of  Altitude Training Travel Guide) talking about how a smile adds value to an athlete’s worth.  “It’s interesting the power of a smile & personalities in sport. ……. but if you ask the general public ‘who is the greatest distance runner of all time, they will probably say Haile Gebrselassie  despite the fact that he has lost all 3 of his world records, two of them to his fellow countryman  Kenenisa Bekele”.   Gebrselassie  always had a  big smile. Everybody loved him.

Brazil’s Greatest Footballer Always Smiles  

Ask who was Brazil’s greatest footballer ever and most people will say Pele but in fact, Brazilians will tell you it was Garrincha. But he didn’t have Pele’s smile & friendly style. People remember Pele. Here is that beautiful photograph of Pele and England’s 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore smiling as friends, after their epic 1970 battle. It is such a great photograph, I put it on the cover of my sportsmanship book (the last image at the bottom of the cover). People remember the smile.

Pele and Bobby Moore embrace and smile as life-long friends

Pele and Bobby Moore (the last photograph) embrace and smile as life-long friends



New Snooker Superstar Plays With A Smile On His Face

Meet Sunny Akino from Thailand. Just 22 years old and he gave the most fantastic snooker performance seen in years, two weeks ago against his hero, the 5 times world champion, 44 year old Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan.  Read the full story here. Sunny continuously smiled and thanked Ronnie for the game and Ronnie (smiling too) says all of Britain loves Sunny because, on top of being a world class snooker player, ‘he played with a smile on his face’.

Watch the post-match interview (11 mins 27 seconds) and/or hear what the commentators say about Sunny


Try To Smile As Much As You Can

They used to give medals for poetry in the Olympics. The last gold medal for poetry was awarded in London 1948 Olympic Games.  Here is a 60 second poem about smiling. It should be read out all games and remembered throughout your life. try to remember this invaluable little poem about smiling, narrated by Malcolm Weaving, from the Campaign For Courtesy.


So there, you have it. A lifetime Tip – use your smile. it’s an international language and will help you to get more things done, make more friends and oil the wheels of life.  We don’t know who wrote this poem. if you do – please tell us. Or also tell us how a smile helped you – we’d love to hear your story.

If you like this poem, you might also like this other, even shorter,  poem about sportsmanship. It is visually beautiful with amazing ornate graphics & makes a great Christmas gift or birthday present if you print it and frame it. We don’t know who wrote that poem either and have a 9 year ongoing discussion about it. Let us know if you know.

Happy Christmas


PR Smith

Partner link: Thailand’s New Snooker Star, Sunny Akani, Thanks Ronnie O’Sullivan

A Smiling Star Is Born

Last week saw the emergence of a new kid on the block, who took on the world’s best and gave a masterclass in the exquisite skills of snooker combined with the wonderful warmth of great sportsmanship. When the young Sunny Akani (22) dazzled the now 6 times UK Champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan, we saw a new star in the making. Regarded as one of the greatest snooker players of all time, 42 year old,  Ronnie O’Sullivan was given a master-class by the young Thai snooker star. Previously unheard of (to many) Sunny dazzled the audience with a stunning display of world-class snooker shots.  Commentators said it was breath-taking stuff.  And when he had some bad luck or played the rare poor shot, he smiled. 


Ronnie ‘the Rocket’ O’Sullivan

At 42 years old, the Rocket has been winning for quarter of a century and is considered by many to be the most naturally talented player in the history of the sport and has been described by many in the sport as a genius (with 5 world titles and now 6 UK Championships, 31 titles in total – second only to Stephen Hendry).  This quarter final proved to be an intense battle – which Ronnie said ‘Sunny should have won.’  A Star & a Friend-For-Life Was Born.



Watch some of the stunning shots or go straight to 11 minutes 27 seconds to see this amazing interview.


A Smiling Star

Thailand’s 22 year old Sunny Akani, dazzled the 5 times world champ, Ronnie O’Sullivan and when things went wrong for the young Thai – he smiled, repeatedly. O’Sullivan applauded Sunny afterwards and told Sunny that British audiences love players who play ‘with a smile on their face’.


Dual Press Interview

Such was the mutual respect and warmth of friendship between the two, that they did a dual interview. Sunny said Ronnie was his hero. He then thanked Ronnie for the game. Ronnie wore a beaming smile and looked at Sunny with warmth and great admiration and told the TV audience that  British audiences love Sunny already, because (not only is he brilliant) but he ‘plays with a smile on his face’. Audiences love that, said Ronnie.


Snooker Table


“Thank You For The Game”

When the young Thai thanked Ronnie for the game, Ronnie immediately thanked him for the game also.  Both competitors wore beaming smiles throughout this interview. They then bowed to each other with the prayer-like ‘Wai’ hand gesture & spoke Thai briefly to each other. Absolutely beautiful – watch this video to the end because, last week, a star was born. remember the name, Sunny Akani.




Shepperton receives Trophy for Top Town for Courtesy 2017

Shepperton receives Trophy for Top Town for Courtesy 2017

We are delighted to announce that Shepperton in Middlesex has been selected as Top Town for Courtesy for 2017. Earlier in the year we visited the town in secret to see if its claims of being a contender to win Top Town were justified, and they were.

On Saturday 21 October members of the National Campaign for Courtesy visited Shepperton once again this time to present them with their award at the charity’s annual general meeting.

John Stokes, Chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy, said: “Each year we seek out a town from across the country that has demonstrated courtesy in action. This year Shepperton really impressed our judges on their visit and now follows in the footsteps of previous titleholders Ilfracombe, Shrewsbury, Epsom and Skipton.

Friendliness and a good environment go hand in hand in making up a successful community and with the pressures of everyday life now it is more important than ever that these communities thrive. lifestyles can create a lot of stress and courtesy helps us all to treat each other with respect. The Top Town award recognises towns where the community has taken the extra step to encourage courtesy in all aspects of life. Congratulations to Shepperton on a thoroughly deserved win.”

Shepperton receives Trophy for Top Town for Courtesy 2017

Partner link: Unexpected Heroes Are Everywhere

In professional sport, amateur sport, large & little games, across the land, around the world, sporting heroes emerge every weekend.  This weekend. Next weekend.

This video clip reveals an unexpected hero and also reminds us to have fun in sport. Enjoy your sport. Many players forget to enjoy their sport amidst the intensity of many sports battles. So here’s a little video that may rekindle enjoyment in sport.

Note that enjoyment (having fun and smiling) is a key pillar of sportsmanship, alongside Honour, Honesty, Humility, Friendship, Fair Play, Respect. We mis-spell Hefer as an aide memoire: HHHEFFR.

Poster showing the The 7 Pillars of Sportsmanship include Enjoyment.

The 7 Pillars of Sportsmanship include Enjoyment.

Enjoyment is at the centre of the pillars of sportsmanship. That’s why we participate in sport. How great it is to see players acknowledge that they enjoy their sport by smiling, at least occassionally!  Pele always played with a smile on his face. So too Nicola Adams (Britain’s first boxer to win two Olympic gold medals in consecutive Olympics) always smiles. In fact, she has a magical smile.  See her smile in the Royal Mail postage stamp below.

GB Gold Medalist Boxer Nicola Adams postage stamp shows her smile

Nicola Adams Smiling Stamp

The smile is a great thing.  Use it. Your smile is an international language that opens doors, warms places up and warms people up.

Meanwhile, enjoy this extraordinary little video clip. Many thanks to Peter D (Lord Ogmore) for alerting us to this wonderful video clip.

Coming soon…….. the smiling poem.

Partner link: Club Helps Community Deal With Grenfell Disaster

The Grenfell Tower fire tragedy left over 80 residents dead and hundreds without a home to live in. This disaster touched the hearts of the nation and opened up goodwill & human kindness for all to see. Many many people donated money, clothes, water, anything to help those people that had lost absolutely everything. Local club, QPR, are playing their part too.

Two hands shaking

Communities coming together

Marcus Mumford, Shahin (a Grenfell Tower survivor) and Les Ferdinand

Marcus Mumford, Shahin (a Grenfell Tower survivor) and Les Ferdinand holding QPR Grenfell shirts

Many football clubs did their bit to donate large sums of money as well including Chelsea  v Arsenal, Community Shield match. This week, championship side, Queens Park Rangers Football Club, which is based just down the road from Grenfell Tower, announced that it will  hold  a charity football match to raise money and awareness for those affected by this tragedy.

QPR fans on the pitch at Loftus Road

QPR has always been a real local community club

Olly Murs with QPR Grenfell shirt

Special QPR Grenfell shirt

The match will have ex professional players such as Alan Shearer,  Les Ferdinand (who was brought up in the area) and David Seaman  along with celebrities such as Olly Murs and Wretch 32 along with many others.

The Loft in Loftus Road Stadium

The Loft in QPR’s Loftus Road Stadium

Olly Murs (singer) with his QPR Grenfell shirt

Olly Murs (singer)

The match will be held at Loftus Road Stadium on the 2nd of September 2017 at 3 p.m. Tickets are £15 each and all money raised goes to those affected by this tragedy. please tell a friend. More information on this QPR Grenfell  charity match.

See more sportsmanship in football stories here.