Election courtesy guide

5-point General Election Courtesy Guide

Election courtesy guide for political parties, candidates and supporters

During campaigning for the 7 May 2015 general election and council elections, the National Campaign for Courtesy calls upon all UK political parties, their candidates and supporters to observe our 5-point General Election Courtesy Guide for political parties and election candidates.

The Electoral Commission’s Guidance for Candidates and Agents says:

“Make sure your supporters are courteous when dealing with other candidates and their supporters”

and that candidates must not:

“Knowingly make a false statement about the personal character of another candidate.”

5-point General Election Courtesy Guide

The 5 points of the National Campaign for Courtesy’s General Election Courtesy Guide go further:

  1. Campaign on your policies, why you believe they are necessary and how they will benefit constituents.
  2. Highlight the qualities that you believe will make you a suitable representative of your constituents.
  3. Do not make personal attacks on your opponents or abuse anyone with differing views.
  4. Do criticise opponents’ policies using facts and logic to argue your case.
  5. Campaign vigorously and enthusiastically and with courtesy at all times.

The National Campaign for Courtesy hopes these points will lead to courteous general election campaigning where everyone feels comfortable expressing their views.

Stimulate debate to open up minds

We hope all candidates and supporters will stimulate debate so that we all examine the issues, open up our minds to change and use reliable information to decide which policies and candidates will be most effective.

By observing our five guidelines and campaigning courteously, candidates can demonstrate their political vision and leadership qualities to the electorate.

We are contacting the main political parties, asking them to circulate our 5-point guide to their candidates, members and supporters, and hope all parties and candidates will observe these guidelines.

We would be grateful to anyone who can circulate them further so that they reach as many parties and candidates as possible.

We wish all candidates a courteous and effective campaign.