My word is my bond

Recent media attention on certain practices at some banks could lead us to think that no one in business shows any respect to others. However, we ought to remember that there are millions of businesses in the UK, of all types and sizes, and that many people in business do respect and show courtesy to others, even if it’s not worthy of media attention.

For example, several years ago I referred some business to an associate, who very kindly paid me a percentage for the referral. This weekend a letter popped through my door with another cheque in respect of repeat work from this referral. I had no idea and it was a pleasant surprise. What a gentleman!

Then there are business people who give their time generously as free mentors, pass on their tips and advice when you ask them a question about their specific field or offer you support during rough times. It is good to remember these when we are confronted with case after case of rogue traders and other dodgy dealers, all of whom makes entertaining television or reading but at the expense of their poor victims.

It is right to expect every business to abide by the law and for those that break it to be brought to justice. It is also right to recognise those who go beyond legal or other obligations to provide more than a purely commercial service and contribute more fully to communities.

“My word is my bond” still holds true for some people. Perhaps the media should highlight those businesses that serve as role models for all of us.