Fair play in tennis

When passing by the tennis courts in my local park, I noticed the banner below, which had been put up by Ilfracombe Tennis Club.

Lawn Tennis Association fair playIntrigued, I looked up the Lawn Tennis Association web site and was impressed by their ‘fair play‘ initiative which they are running across the country.

I applaud the LTA. What inspiration to all of us.

Partner link: Olympism–the real Olympic dream?

Can men win medals for merely writing words?

Can a man throwing a javelin stop a war?

Can enemies become friends, at least every 4 years?

The answer is simply ‘yes’.

They already have – many, many times.

For more than a thousand years. …….it’s to do with Olympism the real meaning of the Olympics. Watch the video and please share it/pass the link on to as many people as you can so that as many people will understand why the opening and closing ceremonies are such lavish affairs and the impact the Olympics can have on world peace. Please also post a comment – whatever your reaction is – we want to hear it.


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